Baja and no way out

We went on to La Paz, Baja California Sur which means we crossed the whole Baja mainland, a desert like dusty piece of land. I've never seen that amount of cactuses (?) before and after we spent the night in a really cool town called Santa Rosalia, an old mining town, we reached La Paz.  Touristic but in a nice way. Here we met up with Uwe and his friend Klaus again and had two fantastic days there. I think my liver is a mess now.

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Hola Mexico

From San Francisco we took a short detour to see Apple in California where we met Stanley, a really nice guy from Kasachstan who showed us around. Then we headed back to the coastline, highway 1 to Los Angeles. Incredible. The weather was not perfect and it was cold but the scenery was amazing. 
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What a tree!

So we rode all the way down Highway 1. An unbelievable road. First time real motor biking since we started. We must have passed a million curves. Weather is a bit cold and cloudy but anyway. Real fun. 
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First Report

After a calm but long flight we arrived in Vancouver on time. I hate sitting in those cans for such a long time. This time customs were quite easy in Canada. Half an hour and we were through. Probably because Jo had no switchblade in his luggage. Two hours later we arrived in Maple Ridge at MRM to pick up the bikes. 
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3 days left and nearly ready to go

Take off Friday morning. And as every year the preparations are chaotic and last minute. The well organised and well prepared world traveler is a myth. Or at least I am not. Canada changed its entry requirements. Germans need an electronic visa now. Thank god it worked quite good. Received the approval yesterday. Still outstanding is the insurance for Canada and the US but I'm quite confident it will work.
Technical equipment check--done
Camping gear check--done
Riding gear check--ok it still fits
Also the bikes are ready as Craig in Vancouver told me. So...close to go. 
We reach Vancouver Friday afternoon  and the plan is to start immediately on Saturday. 9000 km to go, so no time to waste. 
We changed the trip a bit due to the security issues in Mexico, especially in Guerrero. Normally I'm not to afraid about these things but as I could read in different forums it's unfortunately not a quite good idea to ride along the Mexican western coast at the moment. So we decided to cross Mexico north of Mexico City to ride along the Gulf of Mexico.
But before we have some km to go in the US. All along the coast. Great! I love deserts and tundras but it's good to have the sea again. 
Stay tuned for further blogs
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2016 Trip Preparations

The first idea of 2016's trip. Start in Vancouver, Canada to Guatemala City. All along the  Baha California. I'm pretty curious how it will be there...one thing, I'm really glad about is, no deserts! The whole trip close to the seaside!!

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New homepage online

Our new homepage is online.

Enjoy the site, comments are very welcome!

A few entries are missing but I'm going to update it step by step.

In the future we will include all the old travel stories, a gear site with reviews, a linklist and a guestbook.

So stay tuned, follow, like and share the site.

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Where we are

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