What's it all about?

I dreamed of exploring the world...ahhh no, to be free and on the road...nope...it began as simple as it is with a couple of beers. At the end there was the question:

"We are going to travel around the world together?"

The only answer to that question is yes...and the adventure began...


A trip round the world with motorbikes...step by step...


We started 2009 in Limburg, Germany, direction east with two Honda Africa Twin.

As a first goal we wanted to reach the Pacific coast in Russia. Then ship the bikes to North America, the Panamericana down to Ushuaia, then north to the Amazonas, ship the bikes to Africa and back home to Germany.


Simple as that!

We are now on two KTM 950 Adventure and heading south in Central America.

Next trip is from Veracruz, Mexico down to Lima, Peru... --> follow up!


Have fun!

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Everything's late

Yes, and I mean really everything. Even the first post. Sorry for that but from the beginning. Flight to Mexico was quite long but ok. 

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Baja and no way out

We went on to La Paz, Baja California Sur which means we crossed the whole Baja mainland, a desert like dusty piece of land. I've never seen that amount of cactuses (?) before and after we spent the night in a really cool town called Santa Rosalia, an old mining town, we reached La Paz.  Touristic but in a nice way. Here we met up with Uwe and his friend Klaus again and had two fantastic days there. I think my liver is a mess now.

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